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Just a few comments from real group members who have benefitted from the community training and group support

'What a week! I have already smashed my target for this week and I feel like a new woman!'

'More joy, more laughter, more abundance.'

'I doubled my monthly income in the first week back after lockdown, and saw half the clients'

'I have made so many new connections, followed up and loving talking to people '

'Ive never been more organised in my life'

'I start the day with my Rapid Mindset Reset and I can feel the tingling all morning'

' I am so grateful for Tracey. She delivers knowledge in such a simple to understand way that gets results really quickly '

'I will certainly carry on using this strategy in future'

'You have a beautiful gift in your ability to help people see themselves Thank you Tracey Thank you very much'

Massage And Bodywork


From understanding anatomy to working with chronic pain, to sports injury, to specialist pathology training and oncology care advice.

Myofascial Therapy


Understand all things fascia, the different schools and techniques of fascial bodywork, scar therapy, latest research and more 

Therapists Support And Self Care

Practical self care for therapists, navigating the impact of current times with regular Live Coffee and Catch Up sessions plus mindfulness, meditation and more 

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