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The Blend Fascial Facial®

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This Course is For You, If you would like to  learn how to work with clients to release and relax the fascia of the face AND help contribute to a youthful appearance and a deep sense of relaxation

  •  You want to increase your skill level
  •  You want to attract a whole new client base
  •  You want to make an IMPACT in peoples lives 
  •  You want to increase your practice profitability
  •  You want a deeper understanding of the fascial system 
  •  You want to be the go to expert for fascial facial massage 
Tracey Kiernan's Advanced Diploma In TMJ Therapy®

An original and pioneering training course blending the science of fascial research and a range of fascial techniques adapted to the face including Intra Oral work
This course combines a deeply relaxing treatment with advanced fascial techniques for the face.
Results areoften visible after just one session and are easily maintained with repeat sessions.
This beautiful bespoke treatment requires no special products or machines just skilled hands on clean dry skin. 


Who is this course suitable for?

Massage therapists, Myofascial Release Practitioners, Structural Integration Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths AND Beauty Therapists with a recognised massage qualification

In fact anyone who works in the field of physical therapy will benefit from adding these skills to their practice. 

This course is for YOU.





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This Is NO Ordinary Facial Treatment

The Blend Fascial Facial® Is A Series Of Specialist Fascial Techniques For The Face Aimed At Releasing Fascial Restrictions Which May Contribute To The Appearance Of Skin Ageing


This beautiful course incorporates a stunning facial routine which can be adapted to use within other treatments as you wish, However the focus of this particular course is the innovative use of fascial techniques aimed at lifting and smoothing the skin, without the need for expensive product ranges, harsh chemical peels, or new fangled and sometimes scary machinery!

This information can be used for the professionally qualified and insured therapist to build your treatment toolbox and your practice. It can also be used by the individual who wishes to learn these techniques for self care.



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Where did the work originate?


It was way back in 2006 when Tracey first asked herself the question, what if wrinkles are actually tiny fascial restrictions?


She developed a series of techniques which she would practice on herself. Not only where they deeply relaxing, people always commented on her skin and were always surprised to discover her age.


Years later in a conversation with her good friend Debbie, who also confessed she had put together a treatment protocol and so the Blend Fascial Facial® Training course was born


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How is The Course Delivered

  • On purchase you will be given immediate access to the Blend Training Centre.

  • Inside you will find downloadable course manuals for you to keep, with extensive theory and descriptions of the practical techniques to accompany the videos.

  • Easy to follow detailed videos demonstrating each and every technique in a full treatment context

  • Presentations and additional valuable resources including access to CPD trainings articles, and more

  • You will be added to the dedicated community group where you may ask questions and get support 24/7

  • Ongoing access to the group plus regular live face to face trainings and Q&A with Tracey and The Blend Team

  •  Study in your own time at a pace that suits you

  •  Evergreen access means you may start at any time, no waiting to begin

  •  You get one full years course access 

  • Ongoing support even after you complete your course via the study group 

  • Ongoing FREE CPD training with Tracey on even more specialised aspects of fascial work

PLUS Book Optional LIVE In person Masterclasses to supplement your learning.

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What will I Learn

The Blend Fascial Facial® 


Anatomy Of The Skin
Fascial Anatomy
Structure And Function Of Fascia
Scientific research into the effects of light touch fascial work on hyaluronin, collagen and elastin and the appearance of the skin
Hyaluronan: The role it plays in fascia and skin ageing and how we can increase production naturally

Blend Fascial Facial®


  • Body mechanics 
  • Fascial Assessment
  • The full fascial facial protocol 

PLUS techniques adapted for the face including

  • Indirect Fascial Bodywork
  • Unwinding
  • Massage
  • Structural Fascial Bodywork
  • Myofascial Stretching
  • Cranial Techniques
  • PLUS Self Treatment!

 What Award Does The Training Convey

Please note: This course does not qualify you as a beauty therapist.


The focus of this course is the use of light touch myofascial techniques for the face and décolletage with the aim of improving the appearance of the skin.

As such this is a

Post Graduate Certification in Blend Fascial Facial® massage.

We include the full facial cleansing routine within the protocol so you may thoroughly and completely clean the face which is imperative to the success of the treatment.

This also adds an element of relaxation for the client.

Therefore this course is suitable for professional bodyworkers and beauty therapists.

It is also for anyone wishing to learn these techniques for home use and application.


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Blend fascial Facial® FAQ


Who is the course suitable for?


Anyone who has a minimum level 3 bodywork qualification.

How long do I have access to the materials for?


The course is evergreen meaning you can start when you are ready. The manuals are yours to keep forever, and you get a full access to the videos and the support group for 12 months from purchase


How do we access the course materials?


Whilst the material is delivered online Tracey will be very hands on. The course is delivered through your private members area giving you immediate and evergreen access to the course material


How long does the course take?


This blended learning course comprises 25 hours of self paced study, giving you the freedom to plan your own training schedule to suit your needs.
Some therapists put aside two days and go through it just as they would in class. Others may schedule in a couple of hours a day over 2-3 weeks. Its totally up to you!


How is it delivered?


As well as lessons and videos for download through our members area we offer open interactive access to live teaching support from Tracey and the Blend team via facebook live sessions, the dedicated Blend fascial Facial® Study Group, PLUS live video chat sessions for group discussion and a chance to ask questions and have answers in real time.

The bonus of this format means we are able to give you access to additional resources that we cannot give in the classroom to enhance your learning even further.

With the online training the entire sequence, plus the in depth theory presentation is provided on video for you to watch over and over for up to 12 months!
You get access to a full recording of the lecture plus the presentation slides, which again you may access and refresh your knowledge over and over.



How is the course assessed?


Once you feel ready you simply send us a short case study on a volunteer model to include before and after images

Once we are happy you are confident with the techniques we will send you your certificate.


Got questions?

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