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Welcome to The Blend Therapy Training Blog

blend fascial facial free cpd massage training myofascial release oncology massage scar therapy tmj therapy May 05, 2022
Welcome to The Blend Massage Training Blog including myofascial, oncology massage, scar therapy. tmj therapy, and so much more

Come in, pull up a chair, grab a brew ( or a gin) and join us as we discuss all things bodywork, massage and myofascia

It all starts here with a plethora of posts and articles on advanced massage training, myofascial therapy, TMJ Therapy, Oncology Massage, Scar Therapy, Blend Fascial Facial and much more.
We provide regular free trainings, CPD, special offers and discounts on our amazing online massage trainings.

Top tips on everything from treating frozen shoulder to how to raise your prices without fear, working with chronic pain, to time management and automating your business systems, specialist knowledge to best places to buy equipment

We really will cover everything you need to know about having an amazing and profitable practice


Oh and having fun while you do it

Trust me you do not want to miss this


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